One device to cut your organisation’s energy bills by up to 15% while also helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

The Beolec system encompasses a combination of technologies that when combined can reduce your energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions by up to 15%. The system was specifically designed to regulate power on the demand-side, effectively creating a solution to reducing energy consumption by improving power quality to plant and equipment.

  • The Beolec regulates without distorting the electrical sine wave or creating any damaging harmonics;
  • The only system that regulates using Micro-stepping of 0.08Volts per step at a rate of 12.9 volts per second which delivers seamless, smooth regulation without harsh voltage tapping which is commonly found in older active regulation technologies;
  • All Beolec systems have Active Independent Phase Regulation (AIPR). This technology unlocks the phases allowing them to function independently of each other while producing unrivalled phase balancing across the three phases;
  • Modular design that has no single point of failure and allows for rapid, uninterrupted servicing of the system in the unlikely event of a fault.

Reduction in Power Consumption (kW) - Reduction in Billable Electricity (kW)