In any electrical circuit it is important that there is minimal introduction of known harmonics into the design due to the negative impact they can have on plant and equipment. Harmonics are voltage waveform distortions that can impact on the internal electrical infrastructure of a property's circuit.

The Beolec VOS was designed so that it can be introduced into any property's infrastructure without creating further harmonic distortion to the electrical sine wave. All Beolec systems regulate without generating harmonic distortion, nor do they disrupt the electrical sine wave, making it unlike all other active voltage optimisation systems in the market. The Beolec delivers a greatly improved power quality, which is safer and more optimal for all electrical equipment within the electrical infrastructure. The introduction of unwanted distortion to the sine wave over time can have a major impact on the performance of plant and equipment and reduce potential savings. This is not a byproduct of the Beolec systems.

Thyristor-based switching methods in older technologies can create unwanted harmonics and generate distortions in the sine wave. Beolec Mark 4’s revolutionary continuous 28 volt range regulation capability creates no distortions as it actively regulates voltage without switching. Its micro-stepping regulation process delivers a continuous, smooth and unbroken regulation method which ensures superior savings while protecting valuable plant and equipment.

Key facts:

  • The Beolec’s unique regulation method smoothly and continuously adjust the output voltage without disrupting the waveform across its 28 volt voltage range;
  • Competing products that utilise tap switching methods can introduce abrupt voltage changes and electrical noise on the voltage waveform;
  • High frequency harmonics associated with tap switching can disrupt operation of downstream equipment.
  • Abrupt voltage changes can cause current spikes in power supplies and VSD’s,  placing additional stresses on internal plant and equipment within the circuit.