The unique modular design of Beolec gives you the ultimate flexibility, now and into the future.

The modular system is principally made up of power layers that are combined in parallel to achieve the desired current rating per phase. Each of these phase towers are individually combined to make a three phase system. The purpose for this modular design is to create a system that could meet all the demand requirements for commercial and industrial installations.

Individually, each of the systems power layers represents an 80Amps capacity. When combined into a phase tower in parallel, up to ten layers, it can reach a maximum of 800Amps per phase. Although each power layer is commonly interconnected through the bus system, each of the layers operates independently of each other. All of the layers have their own functionality through a micro processing board that is located on each layer which monitors the health of the layer and communicates with the main server. This provides a multi-layered fail-safe within each system, with no single point of failure. Each modules functionality is monitored through the microprocessor that monitors its operation and if required will self isolate the layer in the unlikely event of a failure.

No Single Point of Failure

The modular design promotes many levels of operational performance. One of those benefits is that there is no single point of failure within the Beolec regulation system. Each module is redundant and self-isolating, which ensures electrical continuity is maintained in the unlikely event of a fault, effectively implementing a multi-layered fail-safe design in every system. If a fault occurs, the module will self-isolate and notify Beovista through the Beometer web portal. The system will continue to operate normally until the isolated module is swapped out. In an unlikely event, multiple failures would need to occur before the system will automatically bypass to mains supply power. This bypass is carried out through an ABB Transfer Switch which is a standard feature in every system.

Swap-out Replaceable Modules

If a module isolates due to a fault, it can be swapped out and replaced rapidly within five (5) minutes. This procedure would be undertaken after hours, without loss of power or loss of trade. Module hot-swap is a feature of the system which is designed to ensure continuity of power to the property at all times.

Highest Level of Installation Flexibility

Weight and size are two major issues when conducting installations. The Beolec systems can be divided and split into its modular sections and then reassembled on site. This flexibility permits the Beolec to address weight bearing installation concerns such as lifts, suspended slabs, entry points, hallways and other issues relating to positioning and installation within a property. Having this flexibility ensures that nearly all installations can be successfully completed regardless of the properties complexities.