What makes the Beolec so unique?

Designed in Australia the Beolec is a world-class Voltage Optimisation System.

All research and development is done here in Australia by our team of engineers to comply with all Australian and International standards. The Beolec solution can be applied to any low voltage commercial or industrial property in the world and can operate within any changing electrical environment, making it a long-term solution to energy management.

The Beolec System Design & Operational Difference

  • Can regulate over a greater voltage range and continuously capture more savings
  • Has tighter regulation capabilities from the set point which maintains a greater differential from the supply input
  • Regulates without breaking or distorting the electrical sine wave
  • Actively regulates phases independantly of each other for superior phase balancing and greater savings
  • Is modular and can be modified to suit changing environments to meet commercial and industrial requirements
  • Provides electrical continuity at all times through its internal fail-safe provided by ABB
  • Complete remote communications for data collection and storage, system monitoring and system control

The Beolec Proposition

The proposition of allowing a Voltage Optimisation System between your mains supply and your electrical infrastructure is one that requires total understanding and trust. At Beovista, we offer complete transparency of the performance of our systems through your own online monitoring portal, the ‘Beometer®’. As a proprietary technology, it allows you to monitor your investment in real time, helping to assist you in determining consumption patterns, real time savings and help support future electrical planning. This standard customised interface also provides information to Beovista which we use to monitor your systems performance and provide 24 hour unrivalled customer service.

Whatever your business or the size of your portfolio, Beovista can provide a VOS solution that will save you and your organisation money. The Beolec VOS is a cost effective, flexible technology that requires no further application of internal resources once installed and will operate uninterrupted for many years to come.

Product Information

The Beolec systems are one of the most advanced in the world. The Beolec uses breakthrough technology to regulate incoming electrical supply without distorting the sine wave or introducing any form of harmonics into the circuit. Using an Electro-Mechanical regulation system, it regulates by micro-stepping 0.08 volts per step at a speed of 12.9 volts per second. This system ensures incoming supply voltage is reduced quickly and precisely without harsh volt tapping, a method commonly found in older technologies.

This precise regulation method has been combined with Active Independent Phase Regulation (AIPR) technology which delivers superior phase balancing. By unlocking the phases, the Beolec creates independent single-phase regulation across the three phases which ensures that each phase is not influenced by the other, significantly increasing the potential savings. These technologies combined improve the stability of voltage output to plant and equipment, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance on plant and equipment.

Diverse Global Application